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Pool Safety Fences by Life Saver of Princeton, New Jersey

A young child and a nearby pool triggers anxiety for good reason. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children under 5. Tragedy can strike on the watch of the most vigilant parent, the most adoring relative, or the most responsible sitter.

Our attentions are up for grabs: the phone rings; a package needs a signature; another child needs attention. An unlocked gate or door can lead to a disaster. Against that possibility, we go to work, building layers of protection to ward off the dangerous from the curious.

Why Life Saver Pool Fence For Your New Jersey Home?

  • We have over 20 years of experience installing removable pool fences.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We install on all surfaces - concrete, pavers, wood, trex, grass, dirt, etc.
  • We have a variety of fence colors: black/brown/white/green/tan.
  • We have three fence heights of the finest poles/mesh: 42”/ 48” / 60”.
  • We have a self-closing/self-locking pool gate made of square stock aluminum.
  • We have a lifetime warranty on all fences and installations.

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The Life Saver Pool Fence Difference

Layers of Protection

  • The strongest/safest removable mesh pool fence in the industry.
  • We install a variety of pool safety alarms.
  • We install child proof door and gate locks.
  • We offer swim instruction at your home.

In-Home Presentation

We arrange an in-home demonstration at a time convenient for you. We arrive at your home with fence samples, sleeve samples, hardware samples, a portfolio of past jobs, our New Jersey contractor’s license and our insurance information. We then take a measurement of your pool to determine the linear feet. We will spend time with you designing the layout. We will also go over with you the layers of protection to ensure that your pool is as safe as it can possibly be. We leave you with our brochure and price estimate. Our lead time generally does not exceed seven days. We do not require a deposit. We are paid upon completion of the job.

Pool Fence Installation

We show up on the appointed day and once again go over the layout with you. We go over precisely where you want the fence installed and then physically mark it out on the pool deck so that you can see it, so you can picture it. We do not drill a single hole until you have approved of the layout as it is drawn. A sort of measure twice, cut once ethic. If you like, once the layout is approved you can go about your day and leave the rest to us.

We use top of the line Hilti drilling equipment that it is surprisingly quiet so that if you have a sleeping baby or a cranky neighbor, they are unlikely to be disturbed. We work very efficiently in order to finish in good time. We work very neatly making sure that your pool deck is as clean if not cleaner than when we arrived.

We have an excellent factory trained installation team with years of experience. Removable mesh pool fence is our niche. It is the only kind of fence we install and we have been at it for decades.

People tend to like their pools just as they are. Then comes the concern for the safety of children. And the question of whether style and safety can come together in a design.

You want to be able to let children outdoors with the peace of mind of knowing that, if they run toward the pool, there’s an effective barrier standing between them and danger.

If a high degree of safety can be achieved without the sacrifice of aesthetics, even better. Most of our customers, upon seeing safety fence fully installed, report that it looks nicer than they imagined it would, less obtrusive than they pictured it being. And many claims it adds something to the yard overall by neatly circumscribing the pool area.

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